Growing up as a chubby, gay figure skater in rural Florida, he early on developed a
fondness for underdogs, a twisted sense of humor, and a love of storytelling -- all of
which he carries with him today. These served him well in his early career as an actor
working on Broadway and national tours, but more importantly, led him to his real
passions of directing and writing. He’s tap danced with Tommy Tune, belted with
Sutton Foster, warbled with Sheena Easton, and Shuffled Off to Buffalo with
Gregory Hines. As a director, David is passionate about diversity and is proud to
have become known for shows that showcase a range of races, body types, ages and
phyical abilities. As a writer, he’s drawn to stories of hopeful and optimistic people in
depressed areas (see: Florida), and often draws inspiration from his years as the
closeted gay kid with “pizzazz” growing up deep in red neck south. Like all true
gypsies, David has also spent his life eager to soak up new experiences, from living in
the Chezch Republic to training as a SCUBA divemaster, to working as a professional
poker player. Today, he lives with his husband and their 2 kids  

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David was the overall winner of the NYC Midnight Screenwriting Challange!

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